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QRCODE & Badge Swap

Welcome to the personalization center where you can personalize the QR code in your NFT and your badge.


Personalize the QR code to anything of your choice. Simply send us a URL link so we can extract the QR code from it and implement it in your NFT. If you wish to upload a personal video, please indicate so in the message box below.


*Please note that NSFW (Not safe for work) content will not be accepted*


To personalize your badge, indicate the name you would like to change the badge to in the message box below. Please refrain from requesting offensive names.

Personalization cost will be 12 ADA for both the URL and badge name. Please send ADA and the NFT you wish to personalize to the address below and ensure to include the transaction ID in the form below.



Thanks for submitting!

Instructions for filling out the message box:

URL: include the URL link you wish to change in the QR code

Upload: if you wish to upload a personal video to your QR code, please indicate so in the message and we will email you further instructions on how to do so


Badge: submit the new badge name you would like


Your NFT name and #: Ex. Mars01