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Price will be fixed at 47 ADA each

How much for an NFT?

How many will be available to mint?

Phase 2 consists of 521 NFTs 501 will be available to mint and 20 will be allocated for community giveaways. Many more phases to be dropped but the team will discuss what our max output will be. Right now 5,000 to 10,000 is what has been discussed, with drops of 500 to 1000 NFTs each phase. The reason being is to keep the engagement of the community and have them give their opinions and suggestions within the drops.

February 19th 4AM UTC.

When is drop date for phase 2?

What wallet do I send with?

Only send via Yoroi, Daedalus or Nami wallets. Please do not send from any exchanges like Coinbase,Kraken, Binance etc. You will lose your ADA and NFT.

What If I Sent Wrong Amount Of ADA?

We will refund you your ADA, but this can start once we have finished minting or during minting.

How many can I mint?

Minting is limited to 1 per transaction as many transactions as you please.

Whitelist will be announced for early members in the discord with Voyager status

Engagement in the community such as discord and twitter. Our team will see to it that you get your status upgrade. 200 members max for status upgrade. In the event that our discord has a lot of members, 2 factors will come into effect, primarily seniority, then engagement within the community.

Will there be a whitelist?

How do I get Voyager status?

What is the Inter-dimensional Race?

Details will be coming soon.