4. Cardano Wallets

Starboy Odyssey Team

These are a list of wallets you can use that are compatible to the Cardano Blockchain.

Here are some of the wallets being used that are compatible on the Cardano Blockchain that you can download. Please research or if in doubt ask us in our discord to see which wallet works best for you.

Yoroi (mobile/desktop)

CCVault (mobile/desktop)

Nami (desktop)

Daedalus (desktop)

When creating a wallet for the first time please remember to always write down your seed phrase. Do not share it with anyone! Store it in a safe place. Do not store it on your computer or on your phone. This seed phrase is the key to access your wallet on the blockchain if something was to happen any of your devices example: lost phone, or broken computer etc.

For more info please join our discord, our community will be more than happy to help answer all your questions.

Discord link below.