The Planetary System

Chapter 1


● Storyboard and art work creation – 520 NFTs in the works

● Create digital presence: website, Twitter, Discord and Instagram

● Complete verification application on marketplaces

● Complete application for calendar sites (wencnft.com)


● Launch social media campaign on Twitter and Discord – continuous community


● Announce drop date

● Giveaway release leading up to drop date (15-20 NFTs available)

● Finalize all NFT artwork in preparation for mint date

● Contest promotion

● Meet with marketing analyst

● Early development stage of NFT link

● Early development of tokens for QRCODE swap out

The Planetary Race

In addition to the launch, our Planetary Race are for the bold that traverse our planetary system acquiring planets as they drift out further into space. With 2,000 ADA!


First to collect 4 different rocky planets earns 1,000 ADA

First to collect 4 different gas planets earns 1,000 ADA


Into The Void

Chapter 2


● Phase 1 drop – December 9th

● Announce the Planetary Race winners and payout (when claimed)

● Airdrop tokens to holders for QRCODE personalization (swap and burn)

● Develop Phase 2 NFTs

● Announce second contest: Space Race

● Meet with clothing distributors in Montreal, QC

● Commence product testing for our featured NFT link

● Announce more contests, prizes and giveaways

● Release Phase 2 sneak peaks – announce drop date

● Establish digital presence on Instagram and Facebook through engagement and

sponsored ads


● Phase 2 drop: TBD

● Announce Space Race winners and payout once claimed

● Implement and program NFT link on all products

● Design and create apparel pieces for Phase 1 NFTs

● Launch first line of apparel to holders only – Voyagers status will get discount

● Begin hiring process for devs

● Develop royalties and utility plan for holders

● Engage in potential collaborations and flash sales for limited releases

● we will start the legality aspect of the business turning this project into a corporation.


Super Nova

Chapter 3

February – April

● Open e-commerce apparel store for public sales. This will include Phase 1 NFT-linked merchandise for holders ONLY, and standard apparel for the public. Please note that graphics for standard apparel will be entirely unrelated to any NFTs in any of the phase drops. Starboy Odyssey’s NFT holders are part of an exclusive community

● Distribute royalties from apparel sales to holders (% will be determined) *NFT apparel will be exclusively available to our NFT holders. Non NFT-linked apparel will be available to the public. Royalties are applied on non NFT-linked standard apparel*

● Launch Phase 2 NFT-linked apparel and standard public apparel on e-commerce store

● Develop Phase 3 NFTs

● Organize another Space Race Contest with prizes and giveaways

● Announce Phase 3 NFT drop (Date TBD)

● Announce Space Race winners and payout once claimed

● Initiate Phase 3 Starboy NFT-linked apparel and standard apparel launch on e-commerce




Chapter 4

May – July

● Locate and lease physical retail storefront (In discussion)

● Plan renovations with contractors for storefront

● Begin mass production of apparel

● Devs to Implement system for data tracking and royalty distributions from retail store sales to our NFT holders

● Develop payment and software systems to track overall storefront sales data *At this point, our plan is to grow with the community by taking suggestions on how to elevate this project to the next level. With more NFT drops, new apparel, additional royalties and through implementing new and innovative ideas, we want to make this our ODYSSEY TO THE MOON AND BEYOND!

When you buy our NFT, you are not simply a collector or NFT enthusiast, you are an investor of the Starboy Odyssey. As our company grows, you grow with us. Our success is not determined

only by the efforts of the Starboy team, but with you, the collector, the enthusiast, and the members of an exclusive society.


Thank you for being a part of the team.